About Us

Al Aber the Industrial Specialist, a specialized agency in industrial services, maintenance, engineering, petrochemical, oil and gas, powering and manufacturing industries. Our Company is engaged in various business activities. Looking to the market feasibility and the expected upcoming projects in Saudi Arabia, especially in Jubail industrial Area, we have decided to expand our business activities. Hence, Al Aber is formed for rendering Trading, Construction, Maintenance and Support activities to the industries in the Kingdom, as a whole. We strive to deliver unmatchable customer satisfaction by providing quality product, timely service with competitive price.

At Al Aber Specialized Group we know exactly what our clients want. We carefully analyze every element before a project begins and we work with you through every step. Al Aber offers one-on-one attention with experienced managers, field supervisors, and administrative staff. At Al Aber Group, we perform quality services for each client we service, no matter the size of the project, Using the principles of “Value Engineering”, Al Aber Group maximizes cost effective strategies, making sure our projects are completed in a timely fashion, within budget. Our company’s core competencies rest in its ability to handle multi-discipline works.