Plant Maintenance

Technical Services
Handling all types of short-term and long-term plant maintenance works.
Plant Maintenance Services.
High Pressure Jetting & Chemical Cleaning.
Plant Turnaround & Shutdown Services.
Heat Exchanger Bundle Extraction, Cleaning & Insertion.
Columns, Pressure Vessels Tray Removal, Cleaning, Insertion.
Bolt Tensioning & Torqueing.
Power Station Turnaround/Shutdown Maintenance.
Boiler, Feed Pumps, Cooling Towers & Steam Generators-maintenance. Electrical Substation Overhauling & Maintenance.
HVAC & Chiller Units Maintenance.
Power & Water Plants.
Cleaning of Mega size Industrial Acid Storage Tanks.
Insulation and Cladding- High Temperature Pipe lines, Heat Exchange Towers, Vessels and Columns.
Plant Operational Staffing & Special Workers Services.
Maintenance of process & storage tanks of oil & gas Cl, C2, C3, C4, C5, water, chemical, Ethane, Polyethylene & Methane. All the Maintenance shall be carried out as per manufacturer’s recommendation & safety procedures.